Top Secret Riches' (TSR) first blog series. This is big news. Over the next 10 days TSR will highlight 10 different ways to invest in real estate. There just isn't enough room to fit all of real estate investing principles into one blog posts. Darn near impossible actually. Hence, over the next 10 days you will be enlightened, entertained, and whooed by the principles you will learn. No doubt about it!

For many people, real estate investing is a "get rich" quick scheme. Here at TSR we know that there is no such scheme. One of my favorite blogs entitled "Get Rich Slowly" describes how the savvy, conservative, down-to-earth person approaches real estate investing: Slowly. For many of us, real estate appears complicated and difficult. We are more comfortable with stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Yet, over time real estate can become the largest, most profitable part of your investment portfolio. After you first couple of real estate deals you will feel like a seasoned veteran.

In the upcoming posts not only will you learn the techniques you have probably previously heard about, but you will also learn many other ways you haven't heard about. Included in the posts you will find tax savings tools and ideas, explanations of important terms, and ideas on how to find you very first real estate deal. Can't you feel the excitement? I can. If there is any specific topic or idea you would like to have discussed over the next 10 days let me know by emailing me here. Otherwise, let the games and Top Secret Riches begin!

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