Women Only Want Money

Forbes headline reads "Life After Work: They've given up the grind but that doesn't mean they're retired." The story goes on to tell about 7 different individuals and what they have done after retiring.

I figured this would be an interesting article because yesterday as I sat at an 8th grade graduation it got me thinking about maybe becoming an educator when I retire. Now I am just getting into the workforce so I still have some years ahead of me but I really love to plan and think about the future. So this article really caught my attention. Yet the first story is about an over priced match maker. Yes she retired from her day job and started her own business doing what she loved which is great, but her business perpetuates the old social norms that supposedly Hillary Clinton has broken through. You know, that glass ceiling that supposedly hangs so heavy over all the ambitious women in our country. Yeah that one.

Point in case, Mrs. Spindell has rich male only clients. They pay her $50,000 up front with a bonus for a resulting marriage. She then has over 12,000 women all hoping that they will get picked by some rich guy. She says she meets with 80 - 120 new women everyday. That is a lot of women who are willing to get hitched to a guy just because he is rich. To me that is ridiculous. Yeah, when it comes down to it there has got to be chemistry and I'm sure no rich guy is going to pick an unattractive lady, so you also have to be hot. Last year there were around 60,000 women in the work force. To think that about one fifth of them are willing to participate in match making because of the chance to be rich is somewhat astounding. What if it were the other way around. Men who lined up for the chance to marry a rich girl would be labeled as lazy and ridiculed.

In our day when women have all the opportunities in the world. When they can elevate to the highest statures of all ages; Why do so many of them choose to belittle themselves? Any ideas?

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