Stock Pick: Blue Tooth Headset Companies

Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York already have a law in place restricting the use of a hand held cell phone while driving. When this law was passed "Mike Faith, chief executive of online retailer, said that sales increased by 35%." With that kind of increase what do you think happened to the stock prices of companies like Plantronic: they went up. Fortune magazine's article on this topic is very informative. You can check it out here.

Well, if you missed that surge another one is coming. On July 1, 2008 California and Washington will be joining the other 3 states making driving and talking on a hand held phone illegal. California being one of the tech savviest states and being one in which commuters drive long distances will greatly increase the blue tooth sales of hands free devices.

I currently live in California and I can tell you every 16 - 80 year old will get one of these devices. Everyone here is about technology. With the new law, even slow adapters to technology are being forced to buy. Look for Plantronics stock to surge over the next couple of weeks and even months as all Californians and Washingtonians head to Amazon and Walmart to pick up their favorite color blue tooth device.

Personally, though I lean more towards government staying out of our business this law is very interesting because of the direct effects it will have on consumer decisions and business growth. In my young life, I can't recall one law that ever forced me to go out and purchase technology. I wouldn't be surprised if some government official was getting some supplemental income to move this law quickly along. Would you?

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