Real Estate Investing Success

Real estate investing is a vast subject. There are as many real experts as there are self-proclaimed experts. A formal comprehensive discussion of real estate investing will not be attempted here. Not now, at least.

Real estate investing is not for the faint of heart. It takes dedicated and planned action. Compared to investing in stock, real estate investing is much more difficult to begin because of all the different players involved and the range of legal knowledge needed. There are ways though to simplify the process and make some great money.
In the latest edition of Entrepreneur Magazine there is a story about a beginning real estate investor who recently netted $245,000 in a period of six months. This is a good chunk of money and the amazing thing is that really anyone can do it.

There are innumerable possibilities when it comes to investing in real estate. From commercial to apartments to single family homes. You can buy and hold, renting them out. You can flip them. There are tax advantages and secrets. The savvy real estate investor can truly profit in major amounts in many different ways.

His story goes as follows. He ordered a $50/month prescription to where he is able to get accurate information about pending foreclosures and pre-forclosures. He then one morning went to the court house for an auction. He ended up buying two properties well below market value that needed a little renovation. After completion of the renovation and a period to sell the house, six months had passed and his bank account was $245,000 larger. Incredible.

Stories like these are what get and keep me excited about real estate investing. I am still slowly searching for my first deal and as I go forward I love to read the experiences of others.

Do any of you have experience with real estate investing? Have you ever either lost or made a lot of money? Share with us your experiences so we can all learn and become better off because of it.

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