The FaceBook Effect

Fortune Magazine's senior editor, David Kirkpatrick, writes a wonderful article about how a CEO of a major corporation has implemented facebook within his 900 employees to increase productivity and get the company thinking into the future.

The article describes a powerful way employees can begin to interact, get to know each other better, and consequently work more collaboratively. First he "told all the employees it's OK on a Friday for everybody to goof off and spend an hour or two on Facebook." A majority of the employees have begun to use facebook, specifically 800 out of the 900 current employees. Later he describes that:

"He takes out his Blackberry, calls up the Facebook application there, and starts reading status updates for various employees. "Winding down and heading to the weekend," writes the Germany country boss. Comments Burton: "It's 10 p.m. there so I know he's working hard." The guy who won the award for top telesales rep in the first quarter "is listening to the Roots." The head of all company sales writes that he "is heading home from Europe." His profile photo shows him holding up a beer stein."

What a powerful tool for any CEO or manager. This definitely could be a trend. You know what someone should create a software that is specific for each individual company. So instead of being open to a whole community the profile user is only able to view people from within the company. Basically facebook, just limited to each company. Now that could sell!

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