Coming to Terms with the New Gas Price

With the sun beating down into my car, I patiently waited for another commuter to finish pumping their gas so I could take my turn. As I pulled up to the pump my mind flashed back to the price I saw while turning into the gas station: $4.48. As I got out of my car and began pumping, I leaned up against my car trying not to look at my total bill increasing up and up and up. Finally, I gathered my courage, took the nozzle out and checked the total. Though not as high as many of you probably pay, the total price was the highest I have ever paid for gas.

Instead of getting upset or frustrated, I thought about all the people in Europe who are in a total up roar as they see their gas prices climb up close to 10 Euros. Now that would be something to be upset about! It got me thinking about how you and I can constructively and positively come to terms with the rices caused by the world supply and demand of gas. Here are my 5 top ways to deal with the gas prices.

1. Buy stock in the oil companies. This will help you to have net positive feelings about paying more money for gas.

2. Know you are being conservative. When you know there is nothing more you can do to soften the increasing gas bill you will be able to control your negative feelings.

3. Convert your car to run on cooking oil. Make friends with the owner of Chevy's and make a deal to collect all their grease at the end of every night. Just make sure it has cooled down.

4. Organize a gas stealing mob. If you can't beat them, steal from them.

5. Participate in a gas stealing mob.

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